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The Vestry of Holy Cross

The Vestry is a group of 9 lay members who, with the Rector, oversee the life of our parish community. The Vestry is responsible for oversight of the temporal needs of the parish—administration of finance and upkeep of the grounds of the property—and act as a Council of Advice and Consent to the Rector. We are responsible for setting policy, vision and direction at the highest level in the parish. We are not a management committee. Members of the Vestry are elected in rotation at the annual parish meeting and serve for a three-year period.

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Mission Statement:

“Gathering people together in the love of Christ.”

Purpose Statement:

“Bring people to Jesus through membership in his family, and equip them for ministry in their families, the church and the world”.

Vestry Members

The Vestry is the governing board of the congregation. Members serve for three years. All meetings are open. Meetings are the third Thursday of the month, 7:00 PM.

Our work is the to set and review policies of the church at the highest level. Vestry also plans budgets, stewards, and raises funds for the mission and operation of the parish.

Current members of Vestry (term finish):

  • Susan Hansen (2018)

  • Linda Wheadon (2018)

  • Teresa Guenther (2018)

  • Paul DeMaris (2019)

  • Sarah Borthwick (2019)

  • Ellen O’Hara (2019)

  • Michael Bieniosek (2020)

  • Cary Kirby (2020)

  • Jill Nellis (2020)


  • Carmella Wolfgang, Clerk

  • Glenn Johnson, Treasurer

  • Fr. Jim Eichner, Rector (ex officio)


The Convention is a gathering of elected representative from all congregations of the diocese. We meet in fall, Friday-Saturday for worship, fellowship, to exchange and share ideas, and to conduct the annual business of the Diocese of Olympia.

Delegate’s Ministry Description

Email your Convention Delegates Delegates@holycrossredmond.org

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