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  Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Youth Missions at Holy Cross

Pilgrimage to Stehekin Valley Ranch 2019

This year our High School Youth will travel in search of God and their own destinies to Stehekin Valley Ranch on Lake Chelan. Pilgrimage is a time for seeking and finding God in new ways. Once all of the normal activities, relationships, obligations, cell phones and internet which sustain our day-to-day lives are removed, individuals are free to look again at their understanding of God and their need for His grace and presence in their lives. There must be time for prayer, play, laughter, quiet, reflection and rest. And even in the lighthearted activities God is moving in the hearts of these pilgrims and there is a mighty chance for personal growth and deepening of faith.

Registration HERE

For more information contact Sue Dimmitt

Southern Social Justice Pilgrimage 2017

  • Experience the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and 16th Street Baptist Church

  • Visit important places in New Orleans including the 9th Ward

  • Walk the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama

  • Visit the home of key figure in the Civil Rights movement, Medgar Evers

  • Speak with people in New Orleans, Jackson, Montgomery, & Birmingham who are using their religious and social justice experiences to affect change in their communities

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