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  Thursday, April 02, 2020

Basics About Our Building Project

The purpose of this project from a “big picture” perspective is to improve our space for fellowship, ministry, and community; “pay forward” the legacy of past congregations—those who created the worship space we currently enjoy; unite us under one roof; and create a more inviting Anglican presence in our area.

And in the process, we hope to grow—in faith and service—from the inside out.

From a physical perspective, this project is designed to:

  • Increase our space in the existing sanctuary to accommodate up to 300 people in worship

  • Unify our current church and education buildings under one roof

  • Build a corridor along the north side of both buildings

  • Add 4,230 sq. ft. of new space which will serve as an expanded narthex for welcome, hospitality, and fellowship along with meeting/classroom spaces for youth and adult activities

  • Enlarge and enhance our kitchen

  • Add new restroom facilities

  • Gain a more attractive and welcoming entrance visible from the street

Here are some important documents intended to provide an overview of the thought and research behind this building project:

More Information

We have posted all documents related to this project since its inception in our History Section.

More information about this project can be found at:

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