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The History of Growing Inside Out

Growing Inside Out (logo)Over the past eight years, we (the members of Holy Cross) have been engaged in a very thorough process to discern God’s vision for our congregation. Facilities and Needs Assessments, a Feasibility Study, and significant input from parish members have made it clear that we will better serve our mission and ministry at Holy Cross by expanding and enhancing our facilities.

Our current capital campaign, Growing Inside Out, is aimed at raising enough money to complete the construction project we started in 2007 with the Raising the Roof campaign.

This page is a repository for information generated from the Growing Inside Out campaign, from information generated by the building committee, and information from the original Raising the Roof campaign. There is a wealth of information here about our parish and our plans.

Architectural Drawings (Sep-2009)

Model Pictures (Sep-2009)

Ed Buffalow and the Building Committee

On May 28, members of the Building committee (Dave Worley, Bob Hathaway, Jim Eichner, Glenn and Vivian Johnson, Janet Brandt) meet with Jim and Joe Gaffney of Gaffney Construction and Architect Ed Buffalow to talk about design and construction ideas.

Subcommittee Reports (Jul-2008)

Early Building Plans (2007)

Artists conception of new building

Studies about Holy Cross (2006)

Raising the Roof Capital Campaign Information (Fall 2007)

Raising the Roof logo

Our previous capital campaign, Raising the Roof, helped us raise over $1.3 million dollars. Here are all of the materials relating to that campaign:

  • Raising the Roof Newsletter #3 (5MB) (6-Nov-2007)

  • Raising the Roof Booklet (13MB) (28-Oct-2007)

  • Raising the Roof Newsletter #2 (5MB) (17-Oct-2007)

  • Q & A from Enrichment Gatherings (updated: 16-Oct-2007)

  • Enrichment Gatherings Materials (1-Oct-2007): Case Statement for the building project; Creative Gift Planning.

  • Raising the Roof Newsletter #1 (24-Sep-2007)

  • Campaign Team. (Click the image below for picture (with names) of the campaign team.)

Raising the Roof Campaign Team

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