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  Thursday, April 02, 2020

Holy Cross is “Growing Home”

Over the past eight years, the members of Holy Cross have taken part in two capital campaigns and subsequent building phases. The Raising the Roof campaign allowed us to lay all of the underground infrastructure for possible future builds, and allowed us to build new and improved parking areas. Growing Inside Out raised the funds to renovate our worship space, build our new Fellowship Hall, and tie our buildings together.

And now, we are ready to undertake a capital stewardship campaign to finish the work. With God’s guidance and your support, we are Growing Home at Holy Cross in the following ways:

  • We will retire debt incurred during the Growing Inside Out building phase. The pledges raised didn’t quite cover the actual costs of construction. A number of parishioners very generously covered these costs with bridge loans totaling approximately $300,000. Let’s move into the future debt free!

  • We will put the finishing touches on the building. Floor treatments, baseboards, furniture and fixtures will be included.

  • Wear and tear happens. So let’s put some funds aside for deferred maintenance of our buildings.

  • We will grow into our enlarged space by funding future staffing and program expansion possibilities.

  • And we must remember the ministry, fellowship, and outreach that occurs week in and week out through Holy Cross, both on and off the property. Growing Home encourages us to increase our commitment toward the financial support of the church.

The Growing Home campaign is the culmination of many years of generosity, sacrifice, and hard work by the entire congregation. Plan to participate by saying “yes” when invited to participate in the programs and activities being planned. We’re on the finishing stretch; let’s Grow Home together!


To facilitate communication, we are sending out monthly newsletters specific to the Growing Home campaign—you should receive both an email version and a paper version through the US Mail. (If you wish to be added (or removed) from the Holy Cross mailing list, please contact the church office.) These newsletters are also available online:

Construction – What now?

We’ve completed construction of about 4,000 feet of new and renovated space to update our exterior, remodel our worship center, add classrooms, restrooms, kitchen and foyer, and build a new parish hall.

You see that many elements are incomplete. So what is next?

To Finish the Work (PDF)

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