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  Thursday, April 02, 2020

Adult Faith Formation

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God—what is good and acceptable and perfect.” Romans 12:2

Holy Cross Women’s Retreat

April 27-29, 2018 Camp Huston, Gold Bar, Washington

Speaker: TBD

Our theme: TBD

Join us as we explore the faith stories of remarkable Christian women, both saints and mystics, woven in with the natural elements & symbols of earth, wind, fire, and water. Using the image of the labyrinth, we will walk the sacred path these women invite us to join.

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Adult Formation Classes

Adult faith formation classes are offered periodically by clergy or other instructors. They may take place on Sunday mornings or during the week and are designed to look at some particular topic (for example: Aging, Finances, Anglican Traditions) in relation to our lives as Christians. Please contact the Rev. Jane Rohrer if you are interested in helping to organize or to teach a class.

Baptismal Instruction

Baptismal instruction prepares those who desire the Sacrament of Baptism for themselves or for their young children. The two 90-minute private sessions are geared toward the age of the candidate. Topics include the history and meaning of Baptism and discussions on how to live the Baptismal vows.

Holy Communion Instruction

At Holy Cross we leave it to the parents to decide when their children should receive Eucharist. Any baptized person of any age may receive communion. Some children receive as infants while some parents choose to have their children wait until after they’ve received instruction on the significance of Holy Communion.

We offer Holy Communion class in 3rd grades and higher when they can add another layer of understanding to some of the abstract concepts.

During this eight week course, students will learn the history behind Holy Communion, including Moses and the Exodus, the Last Supper, and our weekly celebration of Holy Eucharist. We will also explore the Nicene Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, elements of the Altar, The Book of Common Prayer, and the seasons and colors of the Anglican Church.

The Students are recognized on Sunday, Mother’s Day, as the main event by wearing stoles and celebrating Eucharist at the altar, receiving certificates and enjoying cake in their honor.


This is sometimes called the “Sacrament of Commitment.” It is a time when the Bishop lays hands on those being confirmed and prays for God’s grace to live a mature Christian life. It follows a program of study and prayer (see “Youth Group” on Page 7). For adult confirmation please contact Rev. Jim Eichner or Sue Dimmitt.

Small Groups

The small group ministry is responsible for facilitating times and places for weekly meetings of members of Holy Cross. The small groups provide an opportunity to share your life with Christ around three criteria: Piety - your prayer life; Study - Bible or Christian books and literature; and Action - awareness of Christ’s presence. These meetings can be a time of spiritual accounting for the week as well as sharing and spiritual bonding. Most of the groups meet for breakfast or lunch at a convenient restaurant or coffee shop.

Women’s Morning Bible Study

A Women’s Bible Study group meets on Tuesday mornings to study, reflect, and share fellowship. We are an informal group, broadening our knowledge of scripture through reading, answering questions in our study book, and exchanging our thoughts. Studies are ongoing. Join us any Tuesday from 9:30am to 11:30am. Childcare is available by prior arrangement.


Kairos is an international interdenominational Christian ministry presented in men’s and women’s prisons in October and April over a 3½-day weekend. Volunteers attend Saturday morning team meetings (usually eight) during the three months preceding the weekend. The purpose of Kairos is to establish strong Christian communities among the populations of correctional institutions. Holy Cross members who have attended Cursillo or other three-day renewal movements are eligible to work on a team.


Cursillo is a Spanish word meaning “short course”. This is a weekend retreat during which the essence of Christianity is taught and lived in community. Cursillo weekends are a Diocesan-wide event and are hosted by different churches. Reunion groups of participants in Cursillo meet weekly.

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